Terms of Engagement for American Tax Consultancy

American Tax Consultancy
ATC’s practice is to offer US tax consulting support or advice to a select few family office or high value net wealth clients, their trustees or advisers. New clients are accepted only on a referral basis from a qualified attorney, adviser or known contact. A retainer fee will be charged for new clients who are accepted.

In substantial value engagements or involving interpretation of law where guidance is limited, ATC’s practice is to consult one or more international tax colleagues whose fees will be charged as a disbursement at their usual rates.

Upon his retirement, Mr Williams’ practice has been to charge his existing family office clients at a reduced hourly rate reflecting the fact that he consults from a home office and without professional insurance cover. While he continues to actively monitor US tax developments with the same if not greater resources as before, a condition of offering this reduced rate is that Mr Williams professional liability (for all clients) is limited to a return of his consulting fees charged.